Workshop: Unwind, Travel and Stream toward the Tropic of Cancer

Friday, June 8, 2012 from 8-10:30 pm

Summer is streaming it’s shine and smile towards you — are you ready to feel it and see it, hear and taste it, inhale to smell…and breathe it?

Join Healing Arts Practitioners Lisa Rouppas and Mary Frances Spencer for a Pre-Solstice Guided Journey! We will create the sacred space for Summer’s arrival with a unique blend of breathwork, essential oils, and tonal soundbath. After tuning into our higher vibrations together, each of you will receive Integrative Myofascial Release Therapy, encouraging stressed out fascia in your body to unwind, so that you may enter the arms of Summer with abundant openess, joy, and flexibility. Then a time for Intuitive Movement, a connected soulful celebration in Dance! A brief meditation will close the evening.

We are souls spiraling towards that imaginary yet influential line that circles this Earth, the Tropic of Cancer, and it is our human desire to discover balance and serenity as the excitement and adventure of transformation sends us diving and dancing into the unknown…

$40 at the door or $35 early RSVP: by June 5th

Bring a Yoga mat and blanket; as well, your intentions for the change of season. Light organic refreshments included!