Homestretch / IS – December 10


Carmela Hermann, Terrence Luke Johnson, and Jmy James Kidd

Saturday, December 10 @ 8pm (doors open at 7:30)
Live Arts Los Angeles
$20 – Tickets at or at the door

Homestretch is a hysterical, poignant, ridiculous & heartbreaking look at real life through the lens of choreographer/new mother, Carmela Hermann & gay retiree & accidental dad/grandfather, Terence Luke Johnson. This non-linear, post-modern soap opera layers vignettes of pregnancy-obsession, parenthood, daddy issues, retirement, homosexuality, late-life sex & death. Lines become blurred as the two play games with identity; the relationship seemingly morphs from friendship to father/daughter, lovers, & at times, becoming one another in the ultimate act of empathy.

IS formed from “Inner Sunset,” a piece for 5 dancers choreographed by Jmy James Kidd that then became a solo-duet version and is now just a solo. 99% of the choreography is gone in this new version, replaced with, in Jmy’s words, “the weirdo that I am. I have yet to figure out how to reconcile the structure and strangeness that I feel inside, the trained dancer person and the mountain man.”