Bollywood Aerobics Class $5 thru September

Bollywood Aerobics
with Rahul Nath

$5 end of summer special!
6 – 7:00 pm

If you want a workout but hate going to the gym and dread the idea of running on a treadmill, then this is the class for you. Lose yourself in this nonstop aerobic cardio workout to Bollywood music and have fun while you lose weight, tone, and strengthen while learning the basics of Bollywood dancing.

The class uses multiple songs over the hour-long class that starts with a warm up, then move into a workout, and finshes with cooldown with an added spiritual technique. This class is great for releasing stress, getting in touch with yourself, and, above all, keeping fit and healthy and looking GREAT!!!!

All levels are welcome and the main foundation of the class is to give NON DANCERS an alternative form of exercise and also to appeal to those who enjoy workouts like Zumba, but Bollywood style!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rahul Nath is from London and began his dancing career at the early age of 8, performing at local charity events and cultural shows. In this time, he was lucky enough to gain distinction in Modern and Classical Indian dancing. In 2002, he returned to dancing after a hiatus, and he went on to perform at top venues such as Wembley Conference Centre, London Carling Apollo and Brixton Academy, performing to hit Bollywood songs. In 2004, he reaffirmed his status by participating in a Bollywood Musical, which also led him to perform at high status events, such as the Zee Cine Awards. Rahul has been seen in big Bollywood blockbusters and videos for top-grossing Bollywood hit songs, in which he has shared the screen with superstars of India.  He also has been seen in national campaigns for Virgin America, Travelzoo, and Intel, and more recently has been a judge on some high profile dance shows in India. And if that was not enough he has also starred and directed in two movies last year that have won many awards on the film festival rounds. Rahul’s passion for dancing is immense – he has been teaching for more than 10 years and is eager to bring Bollywood to Los Angeles with the help of other dedicated performers.

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