Hip Hop Starts July 21st!

with Kenan Peters!
Thursdays 8:30 – 10:00 pm


Kenan Peters
Originally from Chicago, IL, Kenan has always been inspired and driven by music and performing arts.  With over a decade of musical training in classical and jazz bands (playing the alto saxophone) and only a year of training in Tap, Kenan started dancing professionally while in school at Iowa State University where he joined the Hip Hop Dance Club.  While in school, Kenan taught workshops, classes, solos and competition pieces in Iowa, Minnesota, Chicago, and South Dakota.  Soon thereafter, Kenan started his first collaborative choreography company – 625 Beat Street, with professional choreographer, partner and friend, Jon Paul.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, Kenan moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his career as a choreographer and dance student. Recently, Kenan has performed for Oscar Meyer (flash mob events), and the Debbie Reynolds 2010 Showcase.  He was also featured in the debut single from the new alternative-pop band: Hot As Sun. He was formally a work-study at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, where he trained under some of the industry’s best and brightest choreographers.  Kenan is excited to share his world with his students and thrilled to be a part of the Live Arts LA Faculty!

Check out Kenan’s hip hop class, every Thursday at 8:30 pm at Live Arts Los Angeles (LALA)!